Get Featured

Why should I feature my products?


It’s like asking why should I ‘sell’ my products? :). In plain words, you should get featured for:

  • Branding
  • Footfalls
  • Promoting
  • Increasing sales :  Sustainable & recurring


Who gets featured on CityShor?


CityShor follows only one THUMB RULE: Only the BEST ones make it to the list;


Whether you work from home, own a retail outlet or a showroom or an exhibitor; whether your products are inexpensive or expensive, branded or non-branded … if we find your products ‘appealing’ we will feature you.  Simple!


Define BEST?


Your product is among the best ones if it has few or all of following matches

  • Visually appealing (beautiful looking)
  • Qualitative
  • Different or Unusual looking
  • New
  • Famous
  • Relevant / Mass appeal


Define products?


  1. Fashion: Male |Female | Western | Traditional | Apparels | Accessories, etc…
    • Designers
    • Multi designer showroom
    • Boutiques
    • Branded / non branded
    • Local, National or International
    • Famous or less-known
    • Home Made
  2. Home Décor: Home | Office | Real Estate | Farm Houses | Interior Designer | Home Accessories | Kitchenware | Bathroom | Outdoors | Bed accessories | Window-Door accessories | Drapes | Lightings| Tableware, etc…
    • Showrooms
    • Branded / Non Branded
    • Interior Designers
    • Famous or Less-known
    • Artisan
    • Home Made
    • Art & Craft
  3. Food : Veg |Non Veg | Multi Cuisine | Specialty | Beverages | Desserts
    • Restaurants
    • Cafés
    • Hotels
    • Street food
    • Hang out joints
    • Take-Aways
  • Mixed Bag: Any product or service which is beautiful, useful, different and ‘awesome’ can be featured.


Ok, fine, I want to know more? What do I do?

  • Call / SMS: 9687563852
  • Email: with your contact details.
  • Leave a message on our FB page :







‘CityShor’ True to its name has made its presence felt.
The best reaction and the fastest converts any site has, given us so far. ‘CityShor’ sends mystery shoppers-young food enthusiast they have food, click pictures and in an hour’s time our store was pouring in with customers eager to try ‘CityShor’s latest update. It was pleasant to see customers happy and grateful with the update and going satisfied with the products recommended. Cheers!

All the best!!
Owner, Indulgence


So South
Compliments Team, Compliments CityShor!!
Have seen popularity building over time for few brands with experience…This team has done commendable. Have been following CityShor since 100 odd “Likes” and to surprise phewwww…!!! Now it is worth more than 100 grand. Good part!!! Was really glad to meet the Men behind…whom I came to know are the Men who are actually following their dreams
All the best folks and keep rocking

Viveck Patil
Owner, So South




Turquoise Footwear
Thanks CityShor for the beautiful concept. It helped me in a different way to promote my product. Wish them a great success ahead

Manali Patel
Owner, Turquoise Footwear


Fashion ka Fatka
This is to write sincere thanks to you guys, for rocking campaigning, commendable efforts and genuine inputs for branding you did for our event in Ahmedabad. We sincerely appreciate your involvement in the campaign to make it happen.Though it was our first event, we are happy to found you for branding and establishing us for the offline market. We would be happy to get associated with you guys in future as well


Juliet Merchant
Owner, Fashion ka Fatka


Few other testimonials:


Deepkala : Apart from the regular sales through CityShor, we could sell 3 Patan Ka Patola each costing more than 1.5 lac. Thumbs up to CityShor

Tattavam : Surely one of the best marketing ideas … it worked totally for us.

Blinkk Footwear : we got more than 50 customers through CityShor. Best ROI ever.

Young Trukk : Got over 25 customers within week of publication. Truly happy!

Weekend Window : Amazing Response.

Chaitali’s Exhibition : 70% footfall through CityShor

Café Where we Meet : on the first day of first publication, we got 23 tables, 19 of which were through CityShor. (Amit : 9998012620)

Café T3 : The sales have doubled up since publication. Kudos! (Neeraj : 9725565555)

Masty : It was our first day; people didn’t know about us – we still did a sales of 5500/- during afternoon. Thanks to CityShor. (Chandra : 9375729292)

I Say Ice : we got 15-20 customers within 6 hours of publication on CityShor. (Dhimant : 9898555598)




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