If someone is not allergic to them, you can’t ignore them. Chocolates live on this simple statement. A universal sweet in every sense, there is almost nothing a chocolate can’t help you with. Choco Station is a name that can give you this gem of a creation in more than a mind boggling 50 flavour varieties, no kidding!


They specialise in chocolate making, living full up to their name and they take pride in their printed chocolates, where you can simply get anything printed on chocolates. Moreover, they have something which will simply blow your minds. VODKA BALLS! Chocolate and vodka simply make this one of the most spectacular chocolate variants ever!


Apart from this signature offering, they also have a special spread of varieties to simply tease you with their assortment!  Truffles, fudge, bonbons, dry fruit rock chocolates and cheesecakes are also present to scintillate your sweet buds. They also have customised chocolate boxes and chocolate bars. Anything left? Parchments can be filled in what is actually left despite this!


Choco Station is that place for chocolates, where even without planning anything, you end up buying a lot. Not because you wanted to, but because you were forced to, or you would have been left of something that would make you regret later!


Contact- 9009088808



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