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No perfect attire is or will ever be complete without the perfect accessories which complement the dress to its full potential, or even take the beauty of a particular dress a notch higher. Come this 7th and 8th of March, and you will be treated to a delight of accessories at the High Life Exhibition, Sayaji Hotel Indore!


Not only from Indore, many enthusiastic designers from other cities will also be present at this exhibition to entice you with their magnificent offerings in handbags, footwear and a plethora of small and large accessories to make you the perfect example of nailing your look to perfection.


D’ORO Bags- With their philosophy of a clear aesthetic where they combine old world charm with the modern chic, D’ORO(Italian for Gold) aims to please and confuse you with their selection of some amazing handbags till you cannot bear the brunt of being so spoilt for choice. Well, the choice is yours’ for the taking. And the fact that they don’t use animal leather makes their designer handbags all the more appealing.


Vidya Bags, from Chennai is another one of those scintillating participant for the exhibition with their out of the world collection of handbags. The detailing on their products looks like an ode to the traditional bags without too much of a modern touch. So for those lovers of chic and elegant bags, they might just have the perfect lot for you. Their bridal clutch collection is not for mortals, such is their relish at spectating.


A very liberal choice of footwear will also be available for the attendees of the High Life Exhibition, by Surekh Gupta. Their collection of ladies slippers is from Mumbai, delectable in looks and they come at unbelievable prices for you to pick your preferences without any kind of a hesitation at all. All these foot cosmetics at breathtakingly reasonable rates. They too have a great assortment of bags for you in store.


Book your dates on the 7th and 8th March, because there is a lot to look forward to at the High Life Exhibition.


Date- 7th and 8th March, 2018

Venue- Sayaji Hotel, Indore

1) Surekh Gupta - Fiddaa Mumbai - Footwear, Bags


2) Preeti - Vidya Bags Chennai - Handbags & Bridal Clutches


3) Dhawal - D'oro Fashion - Handbags & Clutches.

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