A lot of people in the city have their inclination to art. Many even do art, but most of them give up. Not enough motivation for someone looking at it from a career prospect. Result, Indore has just one name in art, not because there are not enough artists, but because the art by Qalamkaari speaks. It expresses, and makes us realise that art, other than creativity needs passion at a level of pure devotion!

Less than a couple of years, and sheer loyalty to art has made Garima Mehta the go-to girl for anything that has to be art and graffiti. From wall paintings that give out social messages or food kiosks and cafes that need a splash of vibrant art and hues, Garima and her paintbrush never fail to knock you out of your breath.

Qalamkaari got the first break at Sangeet Gurukul and since then, there has been no looking back. With a client list that boasts of Radio Mirchi, Chai Bar, Tarun Barot Dance Studio, The Shack and her college as well, Qalamkaari has made its presence felt for the underprivileged sections of the society too. Making a team out of fine art students at government schools to paint the school walls is no mean feat.

For team, Garima has no fixed team as such, but she has her own brilliant understanding of art that made her drop a few meaty clients. For her, till the client is not in tune with what she wants a wall to depict, it would always be hard to give a perfect stroke (not shot. We are talking about paintbrushes people, not bats!)

With already a wall painting workshop at Prestige Institute Of Management and Research successful under its influence, Qalamkaari is at that secure place where all art oriented people want to go, but fizzle out too soon.

There are people tough, who have stuck by Garima and made her aware of her true potential. Mahima Jain, a friend who was ready with her brush and colours when she was short of people to be a team, Mr. Gautam Kale, owner of Sangeet Gurukul for that first break and Naman Yadav, who makes sure that all Garima has to care for is her art, taking care of all the branding and online presence of Qalamkaari.

Qalamkaari is almost everything that Indore has for art, and with a few amazing projects already in collaboration with Garima Mehta, one thing is for sure.

For epic art, Qalamkaari is your collaboration cart!



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