Belly Dance workshop @ Workshop Hub!

Learn the authentic form of belly dancing at a two day workshop (2nd & 3rd May), 5 to 6 pm, at Workshop Hub, Navrang Plaza, Sapna Sangeeta Road. There are only 12 seats, so hurry! Enrol right away - 9522244784

Belly dance, as opposed to perceived as sensual, is a rather spiritual dance form. As opposed to common perception, belly dancing does way more than just, well, dancing! Besides being a pick for summer classes, general fitness, or ditching the gym; for women lacking in self confidence, going through menopause, who want to shape up but detest gyms and running, or who need motivation, this is undoubtedly the best activity you can take up!

Join the workshop before you enrol for regular classes, and trust us, you will! Take on this beautiful dance form and de-stress from your job, make way for a more defined waist, and build more body confidence! Go girl, shake your worries away!

Details - Address - 2nd Floor, Navrang Plaza, 35 Sneh Nagar, Sapna Sangeeta Road, Indore.

Contact - 0731-4248100, 9522244784 

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