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                                                                 BEST PLACE TO EGG ON IN INDORE


Be it summers, winters or any other season, eggs are an integral part of the day’s diet plan for a lot of people. Post workout, evening snack or it be a random craving, you will have to agree, eggs are important. And when a place itself is named Omelette, there are no prices for guessing how affordable and filling their dishes must be.


Omelette is a new enough outlet to instil that feeling of something unique when you hear the name, and all is in the name itself. It gives out really amazing dishes, all revolving around the ever tasty egg. And the varieties are simply mind boggling and mind numbing.

We start off with the most generic of the lot- the Cheese Egg Bhurji. Every item is prepared on a huge flat Tawa, and it is bound to give that much needed change in taste. The Bhurji is totally free of the moisture of the egg, and is beautifully spicy with all the liberal spices and green chillies. The generous topping of cheese complements the overall texture perfectly.

Anda Ghotala, the dish that has been giving sleepless nights to foodies all over the city is literally a gem. Boiled eggs, mashed up with a whole lot of butter and vegetables and further tossed with a lot of spices, the Ghotala is pure brilliance and bliss.

Both the dishes are served with lightly roasted butter buns, and you are about to fall in love.

The next is the Baghdadi Pulao, which is a very unique dish. Egg Bhruji and coarsely chopped boiled eggs are fused together with a very flavourful rice preparation, making the dish a complete meal in itself. The pulao again comes with a lot of butter, and you won’t complain!

The most unheard of dish, however, is the Anda Tikka. Boiled eggs are marinated in the same manner as Tandoori Chicken and then grilled over coal in the traditional barbeque. The green chutney on the side is just perfect to go with it, and the Tikka is flawless as hell!


Head to Omelette for these amazing dishes. The Baghdadi Pulao and Anda Tikka are heavily recommended!


Address- Regency Pride, Near Style with Scissors, Anand Bazaar, Indore.

Contact- 8878009009

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