‘Blu’ by Aarti Sanghi

Attributes: Furniture, Decor, Lightings and Fans, Kitchen and Dining, Outdoor/Gardening, Cupboard, Storage, Tables, Others, Ceiling Hangings, Clocks, Cushion & Throws, Decor Pieces, Others, Lighting & Lamps, Collectibles/Aretfacts

We hardly ever come across places which allow refurbishing our homes entirely. We always end up in a mix-and-match from endless places and are still unsatisfied! Today we bring you a beautiful walk-in gallery which also has a cozy café nestled in its interiors.

The place is the brainchild of Mrs Aarti, who has done it up with so much love, it shows in every piece the place houses. The gallery is an amalgamation of art, quirk, and off-beat design! As creative as the space can get, it has an off-beat bar collection, Indigo theme ceramic cutlery, wood and china clay décor, artefacts, and even designer wear!

As one walks through the gallery and to the café, one can’t help but notice the beautifully done up walls adorned with frames. The wooden chairs are an enigma, and so is the view around, with mirrors and artefacts you can buy. The entire place smells of art! And so does the music which plays in the background!

You will love the place if you are fond of the subtlety and class that Indigo brings! Also, if your taste is a little offbeat and you prefer things a little different than everyone you know, this is the place for you! For, it has variety, art, class, and quirk all rolled in one!

Address – 7-A Ratlam Kothi, Geeta Bhawan.
Contact – 0731-2524166 

Tags: Home Decor

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