Book Date

Attention Reading Addicts! Join a fun meet-up on Book Lovers Day and go on a blind date with books! Escape into the goodness of these beauties, without knowing what’s inside the cover. All you have to do is register at just Rs. 100/- and you also get to keep the book you pick! Interesting much? Read on! RSVP here link:…/1FAIpQLScA88wgeUcZ5U8m56…/viewform.

While every day is a love affair for reading addicts, this one day is special because it lets you cruise with a good book, the goodness of coffee, and conversations with the well-read crowd in the city! Kaffeinated Konversations in association with Indore Diaries has announced a meetup that shall showcase:

1. Blind Books

2. Inscape (Reading a book with associated activities)

3. Book Donation Drive

“Never judge a book by its cover”, they say. And indeed, for people who hate noisy pubs, weekend parties, this place is Mecca! So, those of you who share a passion for books, this will include a reading session, conversations, and new connections with like-minded people.  

To participate, RSVP by filling up the form.
Registration - INR 100/-


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