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Attributes: Decor, Lightings and Fans, Outdoor/Gardening, Ceiling Hangings, Clocks, Decor Pieces, Others, Lighting & Lamps, Collectibles/Aretfacts

We’ve featured all kinds of Classic, Vintage, Distressed, Abstract, Home Décor till date. Today what we have is Pahal Creations, which is a whole seller in the business. Run by a 24-year-old entrepreneur, Palak gets goods manufactured in Pitampur and, also buys a range of décor in bulk from Rajasthan! 

Ranging from a variety of products like collectables, handmade bamboo items, planters, designer candles and candle stands, marble figurines and vases, replicas, there is so much to choose from! There’s a variety for every kind of home décor store! One can purchase these in bulk for their stores, instead of going through the entire hassle of transportation and other charges.

Our recommendation would be her rust-free metal decor, and Afghani marble vases. She also has more than 500 varieties in marble artefacts, statues, and garden fountains, in various sizes. And, her porcelain replicas that can be made to look exactly like you! You can view some of her collection from Facebook and Instagram :-

The metal trays and planters can also be bought for your gardening needs, some of the products that she has can also be bought on individual basis, provided one pays the shipping cost. Her start-up is a haven for any of you wanting to stock up your home décor stores with a varied range of products at a cost-worthy price.  

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