Buy a dog collar, save a life!

Buy dog collars and accessories and help stray animals from getting killed! Yes, you read that right! Paws Factory has come up with an initiative to sell dog food, leashes, and accessories and the money that comes through it goes in putting radium collars on stray dogs, and their cake-taking.

We usually buy these high-end dog collars and accessories from fancy stores and try asking for discounts! Instead of this one can definitely buy these from The Paws Factory and meanwhile help stray animals from dying!

Other than this the initiative also lets you adopt dogs! Instead of going for an expensive breed, you can go for these neglected animals who also deserve all the love. In spite of tireless efforts of civic bodies and animal welfare organizations, the population of stray dogs in Indore is still daunting. However, the scenario has changed to one of hope and positive action, thanks to coming together of these pro-active citizens from various areas of the city, for taking up this initiative and putting radium collars on dogs which help reflect light and hence prevents the killing of endless dogs by “accident”!

The stretch between Bhanwarkuan and Rajendra Nagar Square has been especially chosen by the group given the high number of accidents which happen there. Dogs and cows sitting on the road are not visible during the night and cause mishaps. Group members also feed the stray animals with biscuits, milk and toast and provide medical aid in case of ailments.

You can contact them on 9826519088 to buy collars, accessories, or dog food, and also to adopt a stray!  

Go on, save a life! 

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