Colour the town, spread smiles on the way! Holi hai!

As much as we love to play Holi the way it is supposed to be played; dirty and reckless, the younger generation would agree that we need to play it responsibly too! And what’s better than buying organic, dry colours, while adding to the upliftment of an entire village! Potli colours by Mrityunjal are a bag of three colours priced at Rs. 60/-, prepared and packed by rural women!

Mrityunjal is an organisation constantly working for water conservation and its availability to villages where water pollution and scarcity is an everyday story! They have adopted a village 20kms from Indore, Padhav and are working full-fledged towards its upliftment and happiness. The kids club in the organisation celebrates each birthday by making the village better (planting trees or fixing leaky faucets), instead of blowing up a fortune!

The money with the colours you buy goes to the women in the village so that they can have better lives! And what’s more applaudable is the fact that none of the money earnt by selling these colours is shared by Mrityunjal. Managed by Chani Jain Kusumkar, Mansa Kjandwal, and plenty of young volunteers, this is one organisation which is changing lives!

Spread a word about this initiative, save yourself skin trouble this Holi, and give it up for these kids who are thinking beyond themselves! HAVE A HAPPY, SAFE HOLI!

Address – 205, Akansha Trade Centre, 156, Kanchan Bagh.
Contact – 9893045672

Tags: Social Cause, Women upliftment, organic colours, Holi Colours

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