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Home décor is a tricky thing. Taking up the job of decorating your home is always a task, just because there are a lot of steps that go into making your resting pad a place to revel and spend your time in. And sometimes, the final work is not what you were thinking in the beginning. Enter Decoupage decor by Chimera!


Imagination, style and balance! This is what Chimera radiates and conveys. A colourful lifestyle brand, owned by sister duo Namrata & Rashmi, always wanted to do something different. Something that was fun, something which they loved. Well, Hello Chimera!


Decoupage basically is decorating your home with furniture pieces with creativity and something that is totally of the most neat and elite in nature. Chimera has conducted these Decoupage workshops in multiple cities in India, and they are organising Indore’s first Decoupage workshop on the 10th June at Effotel Hotel, Indore!


The owners’ dream and aligned vision got them to make things people actually want someone to make. They try to bring in life and creativity to every possible thing, if what they is to be believed, and trust you me, this is true to every word they say. Chimera promises to bring in the most attractive of the lot!!


This workshop has a lot to offer, not only to learn a few décor tricks, but to also enhance your creative quotient to beautiful and sublime extents.



10th June, 2017

Time- 1pm-6pm

Hotel Effotel by Sayaji.

Contact- 8827609000



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