Ganesha Workshop!

This year bring home Organic Ganpati, which transforms into a tree, after immersion. Made out of coloured dough, these idols are Eco-friendly and are aimed to only contribute to nature. In a one-day workshop, (6th August, 10 am – 12 pm, ages 4 & above; 12th August, 3pm – 5pm, ages 13 & above), with all materials provided, one can learn to make these unique, Ganesha idols very easily.

The idols built for festivals are part of a bigger menace as the toxic materials and paints cause high water pollution post immersion. With ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ running in full bloom in Indore, there are few individuals who are actively participating in identifying other relevant causes of pollution, and working towards a cleaner, greener atmosphere.

Concerned by the rising toxic waste and our inability to do anything about it in the name of tradition, Rashmi Gupta and Namrata Gupta, have come up with a unique eco-friendly measure to celebrate the festival responsibly. With a process to teach maximum number of people to make Ganesha idol that would grow into plants once the festival is over, they sure are helping!  As per them, “The idol, called Tree-Ganesha, will not only cut down on water pollution, but also help increase the green cover of the city as it will grow into a tree.”

These go-green idols are made using playing dough, and eco-friendly clay, organic fertilisers and seeds. The idols are set atop clay pots with a base of soil. Once the festival is over, instead of immersion, these idols can be watered, which would lead the clay idols to melt over a span of few days and eventually the seeds inside them would begin sprouting.

Details about the workshop :-

6th August –
For kids, ages 4 & above
Using playing dough
Story telling session
Smaller kids can be accompanied by parents.
Timing – 10 am to 12 pm
Venue – Shalimar Township

12th August
For ages 13 & above
Using eco-friendly clay
Timing - 3pm to 5 pm
Venue – Estancia, Vijay Nagar

Note -
All the materials will be provided.

Prior registration mandatory

Book your seats today!

Contact: 8827609000/9617224411


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Date - 12th August | Time - 3pm to 5 pm | Venue – Estancia, Vijay Nagar. Fee &