Get your nails groomed in a professional Nail Spa Studio!

Groomed feet and nails talk class like nothing else. And what’s better than unwinding at the end of a busy day with a relaxing nail spa! 'Glitter Box' is a professional nail salon in Saket, that offers super indulgent foot and hand spas, with Manicures and Pedicures included!

Us women have beautiful hands and feet; When it comes to hands, we at least manage a nail paint colour every week. (Ok, a month)! But we often think we can hide our feet with a pair of covered shoes. However, beside shoes, feet are the first thing we notice in someone! Beautifully pedicured feet talk charm like nothing else! So, we decided to try the salon’s Foot Spa ourselves, and believe us, it was worth every penny!

The foot Spa is a regular Pedicure (Nail Cutting & Shaping, Buffing, Cleaning) combined with a relaxing leg massage, scrub, and Nail Paint. I had ingrown nails so they took care of that, and I don’t have calluses (ball of thick skin) anymore! If you have any specific needs like ingrown nails, they care of that too. They finished off with a Nail-Paint of my choice (Choose from over three hundred polishes, if you will!), and trust me, by the end of the spa, it was like someone took all my worries away! If you think we are overstating, do give it a try and know it yourself!

Do try their Nail Extensions, for brides or any of your events. They are bound to spruce up entire ensemble! They are also offering birthday discounts, so maybe you can avail one on your happy day!

Along with their amazing Nail Spas, other services they offer are, Nail art, and extensions, Permanent Art & Polish, Regular Manicure and Pedicures! They also provide professional training for anyone who wants to open their own Nail Salon.

So, why wait for the weekend? Take time off work, step out in the summer sun and let your pretty hands, and feet speak before you do!  

Address - 138/139, Baikunth Dham, Behind Rivoli, Saket.
Contact - 9827799992

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