Greens in the form of unique, upcycled décor!

Attributes: Decor, Outdoor/Gardening, Indoor Plants

Bring home the beauty of greens, in the form of the most unique, up-cycled décor! Sana’s Planters is a unique shop for innovative ideas in all shapes and sizes, so as to bring greens as décor, both indoors and outdoors! Pick from a wide variety of herbs, succulents, flowers, mini-landscape decorative platers, and beautify your space!

While some of us have huge, beautiful gardens adorning our houses, some of us have the restraint of space! We do prefer styling our balconies, turning them into gorgeous spaces of Art, or even our rooms, and the space we just crash into, at the end of a tiring day! ‘Sana’s planters’ brings back our love for nature in the most artistic way! Their terrariums and mini-landscape planters add natural life to any indoor space and can also be doubled up as decorative and ornamental pieces. Every pot cam be customised and made to order as per your taste, colour and shape preferences.

Using only natural and recycled resources, the pots and other garden accessories are locally sourced and designed in-house. Without compromising on quality or contemporary design, they have created a gorgeous array of pots and planters in various shapes & sizes, vibrant colours, some even with an entire landscape.

These not only make for excellent décor pieces, but are also a great gifting idea! The store does home deliveries, takes return gift orders for kitties and various get-togethers!

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