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A 100 rupees today is nothing, more so when it comes to food. Something here and there, and the money flows away like water. But what if you were told that 100 rupees today could not only get you some amazing food and snacks, but also a great time with your friends and close ones! Into the picture comes Teapost with a very pocket friendly menu and nifty taste to go with it!


This Gujarat based franchise is known for pulling out not one, but many rabbits out of its hat. While the ambience is a trip down the memory lane to childhood, the food and pricing also seems pretty reminiscent of the same. We picked out a few more of their eating and drinking delights, and here are they.


We started with the Khapoli Vada, which is a very lighter and neutral version of an Aloo Vada. The brownie points here for softness, as the Vadas are so tender that they almost melt entering into the mouth. It is a great option to go with any of the tea variants in their menu and recommended too!


The Vegetable Grilled Sandwich is closest to home outside home. The taste is so light, so flavourful with all the veggies inside and so perfectly balanced that it does not actually feel that we are having something outside. Perfect to go with their many beverage options again!


Their Cheese Garlic Bread too is worth a shot. Perhaps the most bang for buck Cheese Garlic Bread there is in the city. And you need to taste it to love it and enjoy it.


The Cold Cocoa and Ginger Pudina Tea are two of the most recommended beverage options at Teapost. With strong hints of the said flavours and just the right accompanying snacks, there is simply no missing this great place that gives you reasonable yet amazing snacks in the perfect ambience!


Tea Post ~ A Place to Talk
# India’s largest chain of Tea Cafe now in Indore.

Address / Contact
1. 56 Dukan,
Near FYI.
2. Near Golden Gate,
Vijay Nagar
3. Metro Tower,
Near Mangal City
80855 89208


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