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Where? - Simi’s Bakery.

Those of you who’ve visited Simi’s even once have returned time and again for its delightful desserts, customised cakes, and ice-cream puddings. Nestled in the posh interiors of Vijay Nagar, the bakery is run by a humble Army Officer’s wife; Guess you understand how well managed and clean the place must be!

This bakery in the city give us a home-like taste, insuring there’s always variety for you to come back to! We tried different flavours so you can pick some fresh fruit flavours instead of the usual chocolate ones. Don’t worry these are not syrupy in taste, they taste like actual fruit, only with the added goodness of fresh cream and nice, soft base.

If you’ve been hunting good cupcakes all over the city, try them here; Strawberry, Blueberry, and Mango are what we tried. All of these are absolutely scrumptious with a dash of freshly cut strawberries, blueberry jam, and mango pulp respectively.

If you are looking for something to satisfy your little sugar cravings, you can pick the JOLLY HEARTS and CHOCOLATE STARS, to lift up your mood instantly. As pretty as they are to look at, they are a delight to eat. CHOCOLATE MOUSSE is another thing you can try here. With layers of brownie and chocolate cream, this is a perfect go-to for chocolate lovers.

And, if chocolate is not what you are craving for, try JELLY BELLY and transport yourself to the 90s, with its super fresh flavour and a nice jelly texture.

We can assure you once you are here, you would want to take a couple of these home-made delights home; well, we’ve got you covered. Pick from MUFFINS, CUPCAKES, TARTS or order a freshly baked cake in endless customisations.

They have a range of eggless specific desserts so make sure you ask if you have a preference. Well, they taste equally good and are as fluffy, so 

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