Heavenly desserts for you!

With cold things that are the loveliest when sweet, we continue with the "Cold Trails" that we have left so far for Indore to gorge on. What we have now is Shakespeare, that has no semblence to the legendary writer, though the sweet delights in shakes and waffles they have are nothing short of culinary art, just like good ol' William!
The outlet is a decent and lively place, with a very beautiful menu board right at the front wall. The names of their shakes are totally funny to outrageously hilarious, which we simply love! 
So we play with the names. Our first shake is the Fast and Furious Shake that has chopped strawberries over whipped cream with pineapples, and a really nice switch from chocolate ones!
The other one is the Full Metal Jacket. Crushed Ferrero Rochers, blended Nutella and caramel flavours gel up with the jacket of whip cream. It'a unique and very very tasty at the same time.
Now this shake is called Thug Life. Chocolate chip cookies, a lot of chocolate, and superbly thick without being very sweet, Thug Life works wonders to give you that sugar rush!
We also get waffles apart from the shakes, of which the Red Velvet Waffle comes as a beautiful new variant. 
The Chocolate Heaven Waffle too is totally on the radar. Chocolate ice cream over hot waffle, chocolate syrup, coarse chocolates all coarsely broken and topped up with dusted sugar!
You also get sandwiches and softys at Shakespeare which are all very nice and good!
And they serve till midnight, so what else is needed?!
Address -Opposite SBI ATM, Near Mr. Beans, Saket Nagar, Indore
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