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Who doesn’t love a steaming cup of adrak chai? And now that Monsoons are here, it will be tea time, all the time, isn’t it? What we have today are traditional kulads, serving trays, coasters, and tea-sets!

Curated by Neeti Jain, and Gagan Jain, these kitchen and home furnishing pieces have a unique touch of Art. What’s different is these are hand-painted from scratch, and the entire idea is to give recognition to artists lost in time! what makes this brand different is, with each purchase, a part of what their artists earn is dedicated to support art communities all over the world!

Coming back to décor, each of these are high-end, custom made pieces, and can be bought from

What to buy?

Those of you who want to add an element of Art in their space, Rangrage gives you plenty options to do so! While every piece has an enigmatic visual element to it, we've hand-picked some of our favourites!

Wedding Trail Coasters – While these make for an ultimate wedding gift, this set of six coasters, hand-painted on mango wood celebrates six vital ceremonies of an Indian wedding! These are perfect to add a tinge of fun and art to your dining area while keeping your table protected. Their other designer coasters also feature various traditional tales. Buy these to add a happy quotient to your kitchen decor!

Kulhads – These traditional kulhads made of terracotta can be used and reused; While these make for a stunning go-to in the rains, these can grace your kitchen for a long, long time! Buy a set of six in a hand-painted colourful tray.

Tray of shot glasses – Here is a completely quirky take on shot glasses! You can serve drinks on your next party in these especially created trays! As handy as these are, one can use them time and again for various celebrations!

Kettle sets - These kettles are hand painted with quirky colors with an integration of Indian motifs and design elements that reflect the rich vibrant Indian culture. These unique pieces of art are not just used to decorate your living space but can also be used to serve piping hot tea!

Make your tea parties, more memorable as you serve your guests a nice, hot cup of your favourite beverage over quiet conversations. Make a pick from an array of beautiful kitchen décor!

Buy from –, COD available!

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