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If you have kids, it is granted for sure that you worry for them and want them to be the very best in whatever they do, or what you have in mind for them to do despite countless movies that portray a message otherwise. For kids who are a bit too young however, the only concern is them not getting hurt while playing. Kids get hurt more quickly and then they cry a lot which pains you as well. Kiddos by Fun Factory is here to make sure that your kids, ageing 2 to 8 years have the most perfect place to play and spend a really fun filled and frolic laden time!

Kiddos is a pretty large play area, all done up in a soft ceramic setup that addresses the issue of your kids getting hurt while playing. Even if your toddler falls or trips, they just have nothing to cry about. Swings, toys and water fun await your kids here, and they just shout and scream and laugh all the time, sounds that almost fill you with a jubilant exhilaration.

Kids also get their fair share of education in a very fun way. There are vehicles to hop on and have fun, and dummy sets of public places like hospitals and supermarkets that are really a treat for kids to explore what’s actually there at a very early age.

Alphabets, numbers, fruits and vegetables are all there in the form of toys and aided with the presence of swings, wall climbers and many more of these amazing objects, there is a strong chance that your kid won’t want to leave the place easily.

Many events and camps for kids are organised on a regular basis at Kiddos. Safety, learning and fun. Why to even keep your kids at home when they can have all three together, outside the house!


Address- Janki Nagar, 4-A, Navlakha, Indore

Contact- 8770713624

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