Make your wedding an affair of a lifetime!

Wedding films are passé! Every girl wants something totally different for her Wedding, and why shouldn't she? It’s an event of a lifetime! Enter,Team The Camerawalaa by Paridhi Jain, who turn it into reality, on reel!

Sangeet dances have been a part of traditional Indian weddings since forever; However, Paridhi gives a twist to how the celebration is done, by indulging the entire family of the bride and groom, into a friendly banter of music and dance! Essentially known as a lipdub (watch the latest one here -, the choreography includes the entire family; everyone from the youngest of kids, to the oldest of elders! What a fun way to include everyone in both sides of the family, isn't it?

Who is she?

Paridhi Jain, is a 23-year-old Photographer who single handedly manages a team of young creative Photographers that goes by the name - The Camerawalaa.

What makes her different?

She writes stories of the people she shoots with; while bringing it down beautifully on paper, and capturing their most awaited moments on reel! The whole idea is to connect on a personal level with all her clients, thereby taking away the camera-shyness from some! The stories are creatively presented in what she calls,” Photo Books”, and are thereby etched forever!

What should you hire her for?

Wedding films
Pre-wedding shoots
Wedding shoots

She is also one of the very few Photographers specialising in Kids Photography.

For work collaborations contact -
78980 46190


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