Pacify Yourself at the Soothing Bank of Jogi Bhadak Waterfal

Attributes: Hill Station, Around the City

Who said waterfalls can only be enjoyed during the monsoons? In fact, we believe, the weather couldn’t get any better to visit this beautiful waterfall, about an hour’s drive from the city which is a perfect weekend picnic spot for the adventure-loving Indoris and tourists! 
Jogi Bhadak waterfall located near Manpur village is situated on the national highway on the Indore-Mumbai road. The waterfall scales from a height of 400 feet with 100 feet wide road, and is surely a sight to behold! Its base is surrounded by small streams merging into one single large pool, and a lush green valley surrounding it which gives the place its scenic beauty and makes it just picture perfect. This peaceful waterfall is one of the must-see places near the city. The fall is majestic soon after the rainy season (usually after August) when the cascading water feels magical! Rainy season is also a good time to visit the place as it will be completely green and appealing.
Nature lovers can also enjoy a small trek from the village to the main point of this spectacular waterfall. And one good thing about this place is that like most other picnic spots near Indore, it is not that crowded, so you can peacefully revel in the solitude of nature. It is one of those places that you can count on if you are looking to de-stress yourself from the hustles and bustles of daily monotonous life. Food and water are easily available from small shops located in the village, that also serve refreshing chai and samosas or other quick snacks. 
So if this weekend, if you feel like taking a plunge into the world of fun and adventure with your friends and family, head to this place. It’s a treat for the adventure lovers! This place is also perfect for hangout with friends where one can enjoy the amazing views of waterfalls and can relax for hours in the river water.
How to reach there? The fall is about 50 km drive from Indore. To get to this beautiful place, you have to track for 4 km from Dhal Gram Base Camp. 
​Written by: ​Aayushi Kasliwal
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