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Every time I am visiting Rajasthan there is so much I want to bring back home! Be it their exquisite jewellery, or phad paintings, or traditional furniture! The thing about carrying all this back home is, How to carry them home? It is not a feasible option unless one is driving all the way back! I am therefore, always on a lookout for such vintage, culture based art in Indore itself and from a plethora of Home Décor stores, this one finally gives you everything from around the country right here in your city!

‘The Ethic Collection’ brings together everything from wall art, to murals, to vintage décor all at regular prices! So instead of going all the way to refurbish your space, head to the store at 54-B, Vaibhav Nagar, Kanadiya Road and fall in love with their collection!

We personally loved their woven CHARPAI dining table and six-seaters! Not only these give a very unlikely vintage vibe, but are also so colourful they almost lift up the place. Made on pure teak wood (Sagwan), they are seasoned (reducing the moisture content of wood), so as to keep it longer without any decay. Made as per export quality standards, these dining sets are such an offbeat option for adding that old-world charm to your space!

Their metal wall art and murals are another recommendation for those of you who love changing with the times. We all know wall paintings have been there since forever and no one’s here to challenge that either, but metal wall décor is the latest! These look gorgeous on walls and require less maintenance. They have these in abstract and regular designs too!

If you want to add a religious mural, their ‘Navkar Mantra’ frames are beautiful and different than the ones usually available in the market! Etched in wood these make for a positive addition to your space. Pick from a wide variety of art pieces, vintage closets and drawers, vases, and furniture from the store. You can get them customised, pre-order, they get it all made as per your needs. Visit today and add that ethnic charm to your home!

Address – 54-B, Vaibhav Nagar, Kanadiya Road.
Contact – 9826365780  

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