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Indore's Sarafa, popularly known as the city's jewellery market by day, turns into a street-food lover's paradise every single night! Catch this overwhelming sight of vendors with their kiosks & carts outside every jewellery shop from 11 pm to 2 am. Whatever your taste, this place caters to all! While some popular shops are running their family name with great taste and quality, we have handpicked some special ones for you!

Bhutte ka Kees: A Mouth Watering dish made from corn, shredded and cooked with milk, coconut and spices, topped with coriander, grated coconut and lemon juice. Famous here - Saawariya ka bhutte ka kees.

Dahi-wada : Perfectly spongy wads with dallops of fresh curd, sweet chutney and masala makes this an ultimate dish! Famous here - Joshiji ka dahiwada; Going to have a dahiwada here is not just about the taste, but it's also about the experience of watching the founder Ram Chandra Joshi's son Om Prakash Joshi make the dahiwadas. After pouring curd in your bowl, he sprinkles five spices using just one finger without allowing them to mix together. Make it there before 11pm, to avoid a scuffle.

Sabudana khichdi: Popularly known as a dish consumed during fasts, this one is all about steamed sabudana, garnished with yummy faliyari namkeen, peanuts, and coriander leaves. Famous here - Saawariya ki Sabudana Khichdi.

Kachori: Piping hot aloo kachoris are a delight! Poked open and served with two types of chutneys, garnished with freshly grated onion, this dish is every food lover's delight. Famous here - Vijay ki kachori.

Coconut Crush-Every Foodie has crush on this special drink made up of coconut water mixed with milk ,sugar ,ice and creamy Malai. Find it at several kiosks throughout the market!

Garadu: A famous seasonal CHAT, is served here during Monsoons and Winters. Garadu is a type of yam and looks somewhat like sweet potato. Hot Fried Garadu topped with spices, chillies and lemon juice is what makes it an unltimate M.P savoury! Find it at every second stall in the market!

Malpua: An Indian version of pancake topped with flavored milk known as rabdi. A slice of sweet malpua is a must after all the spicy dishes. Famous here - Shree Bhairavnath Mishthaan Bhandar, Shiv Giri Sweets, Shree Dev Narayan Jalebi Bhandar.

Jaleba– King size Jalebis fried in desi ghee. We can bet you won't be able to finish a single piece all by yourself.

Also, a visit to Sarafa is not complete without having Nagori ki Shikanji, Anna ka paan and your pick of sweets that include the best jalebis, gulaab jamuns, kulfis and rabris.

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