Save your skin from the brunt of harsh chemicals!

Shades wants you to pamper your skin and hair in the Summer sun with Ayurveda, this season! Visit today to get a tonic-based nourishing hair treatment done, pair it up with a herbal facial, and shine on!

With an endless list of DIYs saved from Pinterest, I have successfully done none! Blame our busy schedules, for we are never putting so much effort into something that requires time, and patience in both preparation and results! Having said that, we all know how Ayurveda, and organic treatments do wonders to our skin!

Shades, our very own parlour in the city is offering customised hair and skin treatments which are purely based on herbs, and Ayurveda. These treatments gently nourish your skin, and also provide the much-needed moisture and elasticity that the skin loses over time! The hair treatments provide nourishment and prevent excessive breakage, thereby restoring the texture of your hair.

These skin and hair treatments can be customised as per your hair and skin type, and can be made according to your budget! Now when Summers come, you know where to head for a de-tan that is not only effective from the first sitting, but also does no harm to your skin!

Or, you can go for a facial this season, help rejuvenate your skin. You can also pick from a hair spa, their Herbal Keratin treatment is highly recommended as it moisturises your hair from the roots and gives it an effortless shine! Us women spend a fortune on hair spas every year, why not go for something that doesn’t ruin it in the process!

Aren’t you fixing an appointment already? Book now, at 9826200676

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