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Starting tomorrow, get ready to meet the most delicious and innovative versions of Milkshakes, Scoop Ice-creams, Roll cuts, Kulfis, Sizzling Brownies and more!

Introducing, Mor ‘N’ Rich - A new harbour for all your sweet-tooth desires! All that you can do here, is yield and enjoy the awesomeness of ice-creams and more, guilt-free! And, so that you do not have to travel much, they are opening two different branches at once! They are

“There is not a person on the face of this earth who can say NO to an Ice-cream.” To live up to this, there has come up a place in our city that presents Kulfis, Ice-creams & More, the way we have never imagined before!

While you are there, here is a list of things you should certainly not miss out on

Badam Milk Shake, Malai Kulfi Shake with Ice-cream
Cool Feast + Jolly and Joy (double Scoop)
Kesar Malai Rollcut & Pista Malai Roll Cut
Kulfi Creation,, Pan Kulfi Stick
Sizzling Brownie

It does not end, rather the fun begins here! Hurry up, get going!

Address 1- 14 K Patrakar Colony Road, Saket, Indore. Contact- 9399255246

Address 2- Sai Ram Plaza G2, 69 Mangal Nagar, Near Rajiv Gandhi Square, Indore Contact- 9754986563

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