‘Shrut’ by Apurva Raje

Two types of jams have the ability to stop traffic. One we obviously rant about, and the other we willingly join. Jamming sessions happen all over the city; rooms, terraces, get-togethers! This jam is however a little hatke, it features Folk songs which have been lost in time.

The band which comprises of Apurva Raje, Monis Rehman and Prashant Chaudhary has come a long way from composing and writing, to singing for a cause. It now has an ongoing project “What the Folk” which is bringing back the lost art of Folk music, from the interiors to the masses.

While Apurva, the brains behind the amalgamation sees Folk songs as means to re-live her childhood days, she is on a journey to explore different parts of the country and the tales they tell through their Folk music. The guitarist Prashant has been playing at the Iskcon Temple for over two years now. He is all smiles about having played with swanand kirkire, and hails Raghu dixit as inspiration. Monis Rahman is a professional wall and graffiti artist. Coming from such varied fields in Art, these three are ready to take on the world with the happiness they have to offer through the music they make!

Experience moments in time and history by being a part of these open jamming sessions at Chai Kaapi, Saket every day from 8 pm onwards. If you are coming back from a tiring day at office, or just remembering your hometown, jam along and let music be your muse! It has been chilly for quite some time; Grab your chai/kaapi and jam your worries away! See you there!



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