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With a lot of burden on both parents and children alike, exams for your younger ones are finally over, or will get over soon. For those parents already free or looking to give their child a relaxed frame of mind before some last exams, SIP Academy has just something perfect for you on the 18th March, for kids from classes 1st to 7th, and that too at no registration charges!


With 12+ years and a strong presence in 20 states, SIP Academy is organising a mega colouring competition this Sunday for all children who are in classes 1st to 7th and love to dabble their hands at creativity. There is no charge to get your kiddo registered for the competition.


And kids can draw anything of their choice. There is no particular topic, and participants can draw anything that appeals to them or they love to draw. They only need to bring in their own materials required for drawing, and that’s that.


The winners will have some amazing and attractive prizes to take home, and all the participants will receive certificates for participation as well. The competition is also on Sunday, an entirely free day when presence can be ensured easily.


So what’s stopping you from enrolling your kid! Just give a call on the number mentioned below and be that doting parent you always wanted to be!


Contact- 8989871072

Address- 41, Bhagwandeen Nagar, Sapna Sangeeta Road, Indore

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