Subscribe to a customised care box for the man’s best-friend

There’s no denying that dogs make our lives happier, these four-legged balls of happiness are the best therapists! They deserve so much more than the occasional petting, and a chew stick, don’t they? Customise health, happiness, and hygiene in a Triple-H-Box by Domigo at just Rs 999/- and get all dog essentials delivered at your doorstep, every month!

If you are still reading this, we assume you are a dog lover just like us and care about your best friend’s needs! Some of us are first time parents and it gets difficult to pick the right products even from a pet store. And therefore, Domigo, wants to ease your worries; All you have to do is log on to, select your dog’s size and details, and get essential products for the whole month, picked to suit their special needs, breed and age.

It is shedding season for dogs, and the box I subscribed for my flurry babies, came with a brush. A day before the box arrived, I was at the pet store and almost bought an overpriced brush, along with two other things I didn’t even need! At times the solution is so easy, we just don’t get it because most of us are first timers ourselves! Don’t worry, subscribe to Domigo, and they will take care of all the seasonal needs, for you to keep your pet happy and healthy!  

There are treats, supplements, grooming accessories, utility products, chews and toys too! And all of these are safe, nutritious, and affordable. You can get a monthly subscription and save time and money, along with letting professionals choose the right products for your dogs!

Dogs fill our lives with kisses, wagging tails, wet noses and most importantly, Love. Their health, hygiene, and happiness is important too, isn’t it?

Join them on ‘whatsapp woof’ at 9685056779, and get updates on what to do and what not to, in the upcoming summers!

Contact – 9685056779

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