Taking Art, a notch higher with graphic design!

They say Freelancing is easy. What they don’t see is there’s so much passion, consistency, and fending endlessly for creatively satisfying jobs involved! This young freelance illustrator, Priya Jain, is a graphic designer by profession, and doodler by day. And what makes her different, is her knack for minimalistic design and symbolic Art.  

Having designed illustrative Table Mats for Yo China Café, Pune, and Chai Bar, Indore, this young designer is taking interiors in our city a notch higher! A pass-out of ‘Shristi School of Art, Design, and Technology’, Bangalore, which is one of the best colleges in India for graphic design, a young Priya loves telling a story through her work.

As minimalistic as her designs are, they are equally symbolic. As you see the pictures included, she can bring a frame to life, with her unique illustrations. At times, all the pictures that she does are a part of the larger picture, sewn together with Art.

If you want interiors done for your café, school, or any other space, her work will stun you with the quality and thought of execution involved! You can have a look at her work from www.behance.net/priyajain. She has also published her own pop-up book Kahaani Ruru Ki, which involves character design through illustration and story boards.

Along with posters, she also designs logos, and illustrative books. You can have a look at her work, and mail work enquiries at priyajain2605@gmail.com.

Contact – 8698852605


Tags: Doodler, Freelancer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Artist

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