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Love your home? Well, who doesn’t! However, in what can be perfectly a coup of sorts, you can totally change the outlook of your abode with some great décor items. All you have to do is be a part of the High Life Exhibition at Sayaji Hotel on the 7th and 8th March, 2018!


Home décor is a tricky territory. With supposedly less outlets in the city catering to home décor, this exhibition is the perfect excuse to change your favourite home many notches above, while retaining the essence.


Aastha from MSA Interiors Mumbai will be at the exhibition to showcase their enticing lot of home décor pieces. Their items are mostly infused with wood and are sure to be a delight to people who love their homes a bit different, scattered with artistic fusion at the same time.


Harjeet is an integral part of Simply Glassic, New Delhi. They are the handmade experts. Each and every single piece in their store is hand painted bliss, and a dilemma is on the way when you have a look at their offerings. Classic, Glassic and ethereal!


Sabiha has Kutub from Mumbai. Now they are the go to people when the home décor has to be in a league of its own. Their items are a versatile blend of those that look like handbags but are actually not. The pieces are mature, and you won’t ever have to worry about storage when you have your décor pieces from Kutub.


Nobody says no to candles. These dim beauties will always be the most sought after pieces for your home. The melting wax is an issue, and Rachita Dang from Mumbai might just have the solution, in the form of battery operated candles. Their candles can easily put the traditional wax ones to shame, and are purely regal.  A must visit spot in the exhibition.


Gitika Pathela Designs and Concepts, Mumbai will be there too, and nobody does table mats, torans and temple accessories better than them. Divine is the word that is clearly synonymous with this Deisgn and Concept Store.


Mohan Shreshtha, from Village Crafts in Nepal has handicrafts that are simply droolworthy. From hand crafted windows, to feng shui pieces and vases, they have it all. The texture and feel of their items are something which is not easily available in the country. Take all of their items home while you can!


Aastha - MSA Interior Mumbai.


 Harjeet - Simply Glassic By Harjeet Delhi - Hand Painted Designer Home Decor.


 Kutub - Sabiha - Mumbai.


 Rachika Dang - Mumbai - Battery Operated Candles


 Sachit Pathela - Gitika Pathela Designs & Concepts Mumbai - Cushions, Table Mats, Torans & Temple Accessories.


 Mohan Shrestha - Village Crafts Nepal - Handicrafts.


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