The best you can carve from wood!

                                                                            The best you can carve from wood!


The best way to enjoy life is to move on and upgrade. Now you can upgrade your ways to check time and make a statement by getting exquisite wooden watches and frames by Pan Coupé at Tower Square, the first wooden accessory startup in India!


The variety they offer since 2012 is plenty. Beautiful and regal timepieces for ladies are really amazing and simply take your breath away at the first glance itself. The wood texture is unheard of for starters, and seeing the watches right there is simply amazing. They are bound to look divine on the wrist of your loving female entity!


The wristwatches for men too are full of those masculine traits and tastes that you as an individual would love to don on your wrist. There is that irresistible urge to just take off that expensive watch that you are wearing and change it for one of the wooden ones.


The frames for your sunglasses and  reading spectacles too are available all at an entirely wooden getup and there is simply no doubt that you are going to love their collection.


With six different kinds of woods like teak, pine and maple and a great variety to choose from, this is just the perfect place for a gift to your loved ones!


Address-   624, BhagyaRekha Complex, Tower Square, Indore

Contact - 7898917331

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