The Newest Cafe Bar in town!

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Cribbing about the Nightlife in Indore? I think we all are. However, this one place is bound to change your notion very soon! We are proud to announce Café Taberna, as it comes to promise the best of formal and informal dining, pub, and café, all rolled in one! The café bar houses the best of International booze and promises mulitple cuisines.

Weekends are now set with the arrival of this café bar, which comes as a fresh whip of air in the most parched pub culture in the city! As opposed to a dingy space with casually laid bar stools, this one is quite spacious and regally designed. We personally loved how the seating has been especially taken care of! Large Six-seaters, comfy chairs, and large tables are all a part of the multi-faceted seating space!

As soon as you enter, you can sense a very calming vibe, as opposed to usual pubs. Dim lights are passé, for they have beautifully lined Edison lamps and fairy lights subtly gracing the entire ensemble! While you choose a favourite corner, the very friendly staff will be at your service. If you want to dance away the night with your friends, hit the floor. You will soon be seeing stand-up comedians too; yes, a hint of Bombay culture seeping in already!

They also have a spacious smoking room right inside the café bar! Like we said, every corner has been done keeping in mind all the space you need. The smoking room has plenty of space, with chairs and tables to let you have company. If you want to separate yourself with the crowd, head to the upper deck. Here’s where you can book this entire space and have a private event.

This place comes as one of the most favourite recommendations from CityShor. Be here to soak in some away time from the busy city life, rejoice, chill, or just dance away to glory! Do let us know how you liked the space; They are already brimming with reservations, so book soon, and avail some early bird discounts!

For reservations call - 0731-4735588/ 9826499172/3
Open from - 
12 noon to 12  midnight



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