Food is everywhere. Food enthusiasts today love trying out places and posting them on social media, especially Instagram. However, to do that in a way not everyone does and become that go to page for something new on Instagram takes time, with some real skill and dedication too. Kapil Jadhwani has pulled off just that, with his Instagram page Indore Food Explorer!


What started off as reviewing particular dishes paved way to the creation of a dedicated Instagram page, and then posts with a visual appeal so enticing that 91000 followers for Indore Food Explorer came quickly by Instagram standards.


The results started to show at food places, where people went with his screen shots and asked for his dishes. Kapil grabbed this chance and brought professional food photography in the city and yet, he never compromised on his loyalty to food. He sticks by places where he finds the food to be worthy of reaching out to Indoris and shirks away to post the food which he finds not amazing enough to go on his page. Being selective works for him, he says humbly!


Just by an Instagram page, MasterChef fame Pankaj Bhadouriya and food traveller Ranveer Brar have met him on their trips to Indore, which is never a small thing for someone who doesn’t make the claims of being a food blogger, but admits to be a foodie, who loves to gorge on multiple dishes at many outlets throughout the day and yet has that rare audacity to say that he can’t write too much but trusts his gut to love his food!


Contact- 8982414066

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