Despite all those screams and shouts of becoming broad minded or being liberal from a long time, we all know how far away we still are from the truth. It’s still not easy for a girl or woman to just go out there and rock the world with her talent. Nisha Dilip Pahuja is the prime example of what amazing accolades lie in store for parents if a girl makes a name of trust and a brand on her own, that too being a freelancer!


Mua_Nishi is her effort and brainchild to transform women into beautiful caricatures of art, by enhancing their beauty with her skilled hands and tools. There is no single woman who is not beautiful, but Nisha with those unimaginable tricks up her sleeve enhances those features into literal subjects of art, such is the level at which she is adept.


No studio, no fancy equipments, and all she does is come up to the clients and weaves her magic manually upon them, because for her, nothing beats the simplicity and the power of a skilled hand. And her point of simplicity is apparent as she is not loud with her makeup, but soft and subtle variations in the colour tones which she loves to play with, and is also the most perfect way!


The other fact that Nisha has all branded products in her kitty bag is another revelation which is not the case with some places that have huge studios to show for, the ambience leading to the most ultimate compromise in the quality of the products used. Freelancer? Her? Really?


She can make you up for any occasion, and destination weddings are also her cups of tea as she loves being called a freelancer! Everything she is today, in her words, is due to her father who has been her pillar and backbone of support where she was allowed to spread her wings and fly to the horizon she loved.


No point to wait ladies, call her up and book your appointments, before she becomes way too busy with celebrities(she already is associated with some known models in Indore!)


Contact- 9111676481

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