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The day we make travel plans, packing is the only part that haunts us the most! Lists are made, checked, and re-checked and still, on the day of the journey either we forget something or don’t have enough space to pack it all! Isn’t it? We’ve all experienced this and are always on a look-out for utility bags to make it all organised and easy to carry! We totally get you, and therefore instead of you planning a DIY or buying it online (overpriced, ofcourse), head to ‘Suchika Boutique’ and buy utility bags at unbelievably slashed prices!

We are recommending three types of utility bags today. These can take away a lot of anxiety while you pack for your next getaway! These bags are so liberally priced that you wouldn’t give a second thought while investing into one of these. The best utility bags to pick from would be their ‘Locker Bag’, which can be used to pack everything from cosmetics to bangles, and toiletries! This utility bag makes for a convenient carrying option during travels, as it can pack all essentials in one place. You can choose from various different colors and designs they have!

Bangles are another havoc to carry around in journeys, lest they break! Especially during the shaadi season, we usually carry around a minimum of two to three sets of bangles to match our outfits. How to carry them all? The boutique offers light weight bangle cases which come in two different makes. They are super convenient to carry around, are not bulky, and you can make your bangle sets before and they will be ready-to-wear anytime!

Their purses are equally easy to carry, and so liberally priced (just at 70/- and 150/-), you would want to keep one in every design. Make sure to check out these! The other utility bags the place offers are, mobile slings, saree covers, jewellery pouches, watch pouches, and bottle bags. They have these utility bags in various colours and sizes. You can bulk buy or pick just one, since all are priced at wholesale rates!

Address – 16/8 Race Course Road, Tongya compound, opposite Dr. Ashok Desai.
Contact – 9826871036, 8889884243

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