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While Indore seems to have a never ending stream of cafes in its wake, a place where people could go and just relax themselves with food and beverages that are light on the pocket, with great taste too, the D-Trap café is easily the best one to provide all that, without the shadow of a doubt. Money buddy and really welcoming in taste, the dishes are cozy and calming, just like blankets in horrifying winters.

The outlet is done up in black walls, making the golden glow of the overhead lamps all the more appealing and soothing. One of the walls is entirely devoted to endless notes of happy customers from the café. The entrance has a huge glass pane through which you are a witness to sand and multi coloured pebbles, which again is easy on the eye. For food, oh dear, just read on.

The best beverage to begin is the Kiwi Shake. No bit of extra sugar, and just the right amount of kiwi in it. Refreshing and then the fact that you don’t have to spend by the hundreds is another life saver.

Nothing is really different in Momos everywhere apart from the Schezwan sauce, but at D-Trap Café, even the stuffing is spicy in their Masala Momos. Generic things with subtle modifications never cease to amaze us, and Masala Momos is definitely that dish. Go for half fried and half steamed, and your love for us will increase even more.

The Chinese Sandwich is a really unique arm in their arsenal, which has all the veggies used in Chinese dishes. Cabbage, bell pepper, onions and the omnipresent sauces go into great grilled slices of bread and it ACTUALLY tastes amazing!

And moving over the White Sauce, Red Sauce and Pink Sauce Pastas, the Mix Sauce Pasta is again a really indulging item here at D-Trap Café. And it’s really heavy. Don’t look for the tasty word, there’s no more the need to write it for every dish! The flavours of the multiple sauces come together really well, and it already comes topped with the perfect amount of oregano and chilli flakes, so no complaints.

To many, the dishes would seem pretty ordinary. But this perception is sure to change once you visit this café. The Chinese Sandwich and Mix Sauce Pasta are heavily recommended!


Address- 1001, Sukhnivas Road, Bank Colony, Sudama Nagar, Indore

Contact- 8871143376





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