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We have never been a country where being skinny has ever been patronised! “Kuch khaaya karo” or “Thoda healthy hona chahiye” is what we get to hear when we have relatives visiting or we are in a gathering. With so much insisting on being “healthy”, plus sizes should be a happy welcome, right? What’s ironic is, we want the celebrities we watch to be perfectly “toned”, and thin as a stick. Zero figure is workable, yes! But the moment a Sonakshi Sinha is on TV, we call her all sorts of names!

Body Shaming is not a new term, and most of us young people are struggling with it! However, we feel one should not be restricted by “fashion rules”. Women especially should wear anything that makes that happy. And this is why we have hunted someone in the city, whose speciality IS PLUS SIZE FASHION! My Trial Room has stylish, reasonable, quality fashion for ALL SIZES!

Rooma at ‘My Trial Room’ picks up styles for everyone from a teenager to a forty-five-year old and these are not the usual ones you pick up from the local markets. These are imported, quality pieces and instead of keeping one style in multiple sizes, she prefers keeping one piece per style. You can be assured you are never bumping into someone with the exact same outfit as yours. Just saying!

We loved the skirts she has! From pleated, to slits, to high-waisted, and vintage, she houses them all! You can pair them up with a plain tee-shirt or pick up an off shoulder to complete the look. Next we love is her shimmer dresses. We all know how full sequin dresses are pushing the norm these days! We loved these eye-catching dresses in plus sizes especially. They break all rules of proportionate! Ditching the round-the-clock wardrobe staples, this dress is a win-win! Pair it with a denim jacket, and you are good to go!

You can be bold and pick a faux fur jacket in a bright lemon yellow! These are a rage this season and can be paired with almost anything. Eyeballs guaranteed!  
Go pick from their unusual, fun collection from facebook.com/mytrialroom or you can buy off Instagram (mytrailroom) or Whatsapp on 7028582811. They have free delivery all over India!

Contact – 7028582811


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