With Rum-Whiskey Dollops, Swirls, Dairy Don has Arrived

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Here’s some great news for all the ice cream lovers of Indore. Dairy Don has opened in Indore now (incidentally near a Top n Town outlet) to treat Indoris with its exciting range of never-seen-before desserts, made with pure milk & fresh fruits.
Dairy Don is heaven for thick shakes & ice-creams. And it’s one hundred percent true, literally! The place has appealing aesthetics, comfy sitting & genial staff. Judging by the huge rush we witnessed on our visit, we have no doubt that it will soon become the preferred hangout joint for Indoris. The parlor has a lot going for it with innovative flavors, creamy textures & dense thick shakes.
With so many unique options on offer, it was difficult for us to choose but we managed to sample quite a few of them. Each one of them was good enough to satisfy our eager taste buds. Here are some recommendations for you based on our tastings.
Ice-creams in the Gelato section are rich & creamy in texture and are scooped in many tempting flavors. You must have heard of Rum chocolates, now is the time to indulge in Rum & Whiskey ice-cream. Yeah, you got it right! Dairy Don is the first one to serve this exciting flavor in the city.
Another refreshing twist comes as Watermelon ice-cream. Sprinkled with some chat masala, it’s a must try for its sweet & tangy combination!
To further amaze you, there is this Slice ice-cream, served like a sandwich. It contains a square brick of ice-cream in between two slices of crisp wafer biscuits! Available in different flavors, this one does not melt until you finish it up well there’s some magic here!
The Rich Coco thick shake has already become a hot seller since day one; so is the Kaju-Mango thick shake loaded with cashews, for mango lovers!
If you are a dessert connoisseur, you can’t afford to miss the fabulously rich range of Cheesecake ice-creams wherein the flavor & texture of the cheesecake is recreated in form of ice-cream. We tried Strawberry Cheese Cake that comes with a sweet & sour strawberry swirl made out of fresh strawberries.
Our favourite out of all is the Maharaja Paan, which is a fun variant that has ice-cream mixed with paan bits, dhana dal & fennel seeds wrapped inside an actual paan leaf. It’s really yummilicious, don’t forget to try this minty flavour.
Dairy Don is yet to add two wonderful products: Stone Ice cream and Live Ice cream which will surely be worth the wait!
This unending list of super delicious textures at Dairy Don will tempt you to come back for more and lose all self-control that would stop you from digging into these sinful delights. Don't stop yourselves, we say!
Contact: 90988 66661
Instagram: @dairydonindore
Author and Picture Credit: Kavya Shamnani
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