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Indore is gradually evolving as a nest for startups. With changing days, new ideas are either evolving or these ideas make up for pathways that overcome the shortcomings of existing startups. In the line of such ventures, Collabe is the new player, who's all set to blow away competition!!


Collabe is a robust collaboration platform that powers teams to effortlessly and seamlessly communicate with each other for better and more progressive collaboration. With Collabe, you and your team have a solution that connects you all together, centralizes all your work and communication, making delegation, collaboration, and working individually and as a unit efficient and productive.

The software streamlines communication processes and therefore, accelerate results with effective coordination and collaboration. It is also designed to work on any device, allowing users to connect and communicate with each other anytime and anywhere. .

You can create private rooms where you and your team can work away without any distraction and friction, especially if your are dealing with confidential projects that contain sensitive information. You and your team members can toil with the assurance that they have a transparent view of all the details of the project but remain secure from unauthorized individuals and parties without the proper permissions.

Delegate information to your team based on their roles, projects, and more by creating public and private groups. Collabe lets you set general information, common tasks, and shared lists for easy public access or create a private group where you can share classified information seamlessly and securely.

Collabe is designed for modern teams spread across the globe. Any member of your team can be a part of the ‘Team’ or ‘Group’ created by you no matter if they are in the office or on a remote location making communication, co-operation and collaboration a productive affair.

Sometimes while communicating with a team member you require to note down something for your personal information. Collabe takes care of that too. Its  ‘Notes’ feature lets you make notes right then and there and also let you specify the note colour so you remember that red notes!


Teamwork for office was never easier. It's coordination, seamlessness and 'Make In India’, all in one neat site!

Contact- 9893814304

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