CityShor has raised an investment from angel investors from Vadodara. The primary aim of generating this round of funding is to launch CityShor in Bengaluru, expand content distribution & increasing the team strength.


Founded in 2013, CityShor is promoting what’s unusual, unexplored or new in the city in lifestyle segment i.e. Food, Fashion, Travel, Home Décor and other categories. The company claims to be in a comfortable position for generating more than 2 Cr revenue next year. Small to mid-size retailer address CityShor as Super hero, because it makes small size retailers feel like an established brand by helping them to get huge foot falls and revenues; and at the same time helping locals discover the premier & latest things happening around them.


GAIN is a Vadodara based angel network with focus on investing in start-ups in tier II/ III cities. It is creating a platform for investors in these cities to identify, mentor and invest in start-ups. The business fits into GAIN investors philosophy of investing in businesses with revenue generation and with positive unit economics from the word GO. 



FRIENDS & FAMILY (1st round of funding)

They say your first round of funding should be from Friends, Family & Fools. Well, below is the list of friends and family (surely not fools) who trusted our instincts, our ‘tissue paper’ plans and who gave us money before the launch.


Like, almost everything, CityShor went different and creative in getting the funding for business as well. CityShor adopted a crowd funding model – basically knocking doors and asking for money against some stake in the company. So before launching a company, we did an IPO.


Here are the set of people whom we respect and appreciate to the core. Couple of our investors didn’t want to disclose their names but like others we consider them nothing less than super heroes.




Achyut Parmar   Rajshree Chorasiya   Saras Suryawanshi   Sunil Agrawal
Achyut Parmar                       Rajshree Chorasiya                 Saras Suryawanshi                     Sunil Agrawal

Varun Balesh   acspike_male_user_icon   Superman   The Dark Knight Rises
Varun Balesh                            JM Srinivas                                  Superman                                 Batman