150 types of Eggy delights at Sanjay Omelet!

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Sanjay Omlette! Are we going to disclose a mystery? No! But just a question, have you been able to indulge in all the 150 different egg dishes that this famous omelet store has to offer? Have you tried something different from your regular favorite orders? If not, why not? Sanjay has his excellence in creating unique and popular dishes, so trust his skills and go beyond the usual orders.

Here are our recommendations that are completely out of the box and worth a try!

Tandoori Panner Pizza

At Sanjay if the dish name doesn’t mention egg then it’s up to you to understand that the menu board didn’t have enough space because egg is undoubtedly the main ingredient. This tandoori treat is a pizza with the base of fluffy eggs and topped with as the name suggests tandoori paneer and then it’s baked. With its pizza like appearance one cannot imagine it to have eggy base, and once you bite into it, it’s gone before you could blink and think about the ingredients. Sanjay a true master of eggy delights can make even the simplest of things like egg into an Italian dish. Tandoori Paneer Pizza is our recommended dish from the elongated menu.

Fries Eggs

Spicy is the key to get Indians craving for a dish, Sanjay creates the usual eggs into boiled and then fried but that’s not it, he then adds on spicy sauces, fried veggies to get your tummy growling. Spiciness is on point and so is the portions served, fried eggs can replace your dinner meal. Who said one can’t have eggs for dinner? We have to! As Sanjay starts serving in the evening.

Morocco Omelet

Genuinely speaking this dish is not the best in appearance but talk about the taste and it has the potential to replace your favorite order at Sanjay. Morocco Omelet is smooth on the taste buds, not over done with spices neither too bland. One simple can’t stop admiring the fluffiness of this Omelet, and if it’s fluffy enough then it’s delectable enough!

Obama Omelet

Obama’s popularity has gained him an Omelet named after him at Sanjay. And to us that’s a big achievement! Obama omelet is topped with brown bread and there is the whole shift of taste, brown bread with cheese and right amount of mayo is what you need to turn your evening from just ok to perfect! Every dish is served with their Sanjay special sweet chutney, green chutney and onions making every bite pleasurable.

Have we stirred Omelet cravings in you? Go visit Jaipur’s favorite store for everything egg- Sanjay omelet.


Address: Janta Store, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

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