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When you vow to eat healthy, you probably imagine boring, bland, green, veggie-loaded salads through your head. But thanks to TGIH , it doesn’t always have to be like that!

Thank God it’s Healthy (T.G.I.H) is a brand new quaint by Aaditya Pancharya and Ronak Singhvi, with a very healthy yet tasty menu on offer. This latest pioneer centrally located at C-Scheme serves up an array of colorful dishes from breakfast to dinner which is completely healthy and taste as good as they look. 

TGIH’s menu is the answer of all the prayers from everyone who is tired of eating oily and fatty food  - from nutritious juices and healthy salads to fresh whole grains and sensible desserts. Everything on the menu is nutritionist-approved, so you know you’re doing your body good no matter what you order. TGIH is the perfect place for all the corporates , travellers , health freaks!

Customers can also subscribe to monthly meal plans as per their requirement!

You can also download their own TGIH mobile app which has a very quirky interface and very user friendly!

As you enter the space, you can actually watch the chefs performing their art in the open kitchen, a well-lit stage for the cooks.The beautiful, warm, and artsy interior will make you forget all about the hustle and bustle of the city and let you enjoy your meal peacefully.

This cafe-restaurant wowed us with a comprehensive menu of healthy choices for every meal. The salad bowls here are huge and refuse to play second fiddle to the extensive menu of organic and gluten-free wraps and sandwiches. And if you like drinking your vegetables, TGIH also serves up yogurt-based smoothies, milk smoothies, raw cold pressed juices, and soups. Even better: They are offering healthy main course meals that include options such as grilled chicken / paneer with a variety of sauces which is also their best seller!

We practically live in our cars these days, so we need quick food, and please, we’d like it to be healthy. TGIH opens at 7.30 am and a fantastic breakfast cum lunch cum dinner menu, which is rare in the quick-serve world, is perfect for travelers on the roll to take-away.  They even have home delivery home to serve the vibrant community for all health-conscious eaters.


The Popeye the Sailor Man Salad-

Delicious, nutrient-packed chicken with balsamic dressing served with a bowl of brown rice & Yummy Protein and fiber enriched Popeye the Sailor Man Salad, filled with Exotic crunchy veggies and brown rice.

The Superman meal  –

Pan seared grilled chicken with 3 bell pepper sauce. Served with brown rice and veggies. 

Parfait  -

Healthy desserts, because eating healthy doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly stop craving dessert. Treat yourself to a Parfait or Chia Seed Pudding before you leave.

>> Consider this as you one-stop-destination for healthy food, or to grab a quick bite, or to linger over a healthy dinner, or just grab a cold press juice. This is the need of the hour !

T.G.I.H (Thank God It’s Healthy)

Call: + 91–141-4916688

Location: F- 12, Ramesh Marg, C- Scheme, Jaipur – 302001

Time: 07:30AM to 10:30 PM

Mobile App : TGIH 

Written By: Surbhi Bansal


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