A meeting with History at Bairath, Viratnagar!

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If you enjoy watching archeological remains, then Bairath will definitely entertain you. It is a place of both mythological and historical significance. This little-known place is a wonder of wonders for those who have the deep interest in prehistoric sites and a penchant for history. 


The history of Bairat goes back to Mahabharata.  Known as Viratnagar it was the capital of the ancient Matsyadesa founded by king Virata, in whose kingdom the 5 Pandavas said to have spent their 13th-year exile in disguise.  According to excavations carried out by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) around this town, it is revealed that the city has enough remnants to demonstrate that people have been living here since prehistoric times.

Historical significance

There are many legends associated with it and some monumental structures speak volumes of its historical importance.   Even now people believe that the place has a lot of treasure (gold and silver coins and other valuable items) buried underneath.  Locals talk about a man striking rich just a couple of years ago when he was digging the land for constructing his house.

What to explore?

•    Remains of circular Buddhist temple mint (coin factory) constructed by Akbar

•    Mughal garden and monument with painted chhatris built by his son, Jahangir.

•    The ancient Hanuman temple that looks as though the rock perched delicately on the mountain top in all its grace and beauty.

•    Panch Mahal which will give you a glimpse of the insight the Mughals had in constructing their structures.

•    The Banganga Fair is another tourist attraction of Bairath held every year on the full moon day of Vaishakh (April-May).

•    ASI protected Buddhist Monastery and Buddhist Stupa.

An ASI board en route indicated that Bairat is the home to the ruins of Bijak-ki-pahadi, a Buddhist chapel belonging to the 3rd century, known to be the oldest free-standing Buddhist structures in India.  The route towards the site is a steep climb upwards amidst the picturesque beauty of peculiarity of the stones in various shapes and sizes revealing a story unto them.

Go and collect the rich memories of Virat Nagar.

Bairath, the old Viratnagri

Location– 86 kms from Jaipur, on Shahpura-Alwar Road.

Contributed By: Surbhi Bansal


Tags: A meeting with History at Bairath, Viratnagar!, Bairath, the old Viratnagri

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