A Parade of Flavors- Street Food at Vaishali

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We tracked down the devoted regular joints for super gol gappas, pav bhaji, dosa and more in Vaishali Nagar! The most famous vendors here have been around for decades, nourished by several generations’ of culinary know-how. Vaishali is now the prime foodie destination of Jaipur. Hence we went ahead to explore.

The most popular Indian street snack gol gappas are served at its best and in the most unique way in Vaishali Nagar. Suresh saini has a small puchka stall adjacent to National handloom; he happily manages to serve countless customers from afternoon till evening, till he is all sold out. The crowd keeps coming back for delicious mouthwatering pani of 5 different flavors- jeera, lehsun, podhina, hajma and regular. Each flavored water tastes better than the other. The water is stored in small earthen vessels, as it helps in keeping flavored water fresh and chilled. If you wish to eat these delicacies be prepared to wait, because there are many die-hard fans of these puchkas.

Right outside Kiran medical store, Karan Singh serves outrageously delicious Pav Bhaji and Chowmein. Mastering the art of making perfectly delicious and buttery pav bhaji from past 10-12 years, Shree Nath Pav Bhaji has established a strong name in the street food market of Vaishali. His buns will always be fresh and bhaji will always have the same texture and taste. Chowmein here is also a not to miss! A street chowmein is supposed to be filling, loaded with vegetables, boiled noodles and topped with tomato ketchup to add some extra flavor, and this is exactly how Shree Nath serves their chowmein. Sit on stools and comfortably enjoy the yummy snacks.

South Food corner right next to National handloom, gives delectable south Indian street snacks in a North Indian market. And everything is so delicious that the crowd has accepted it with open arms. We snacked on Paneer dosa, a soul filling dosa with fresh onions put it into the masala, adding perfect crunch. Sambhar, coconut as well as red chili  chutney enhances the flavors of the dosa when dipped into them. Also known for their sambhar vada and idlis, try them for a taste of South India in Jaipur.

After all the savoury snacks. One surely longs for some enriching dessert. What better than the desi matka kulfi. You got it! We are talking about Rd Sahu Matka Kulfi corner near Vaibhav. Matka kulfi made of milk, mawa, sugar and everything nice. These Kulfis taste even better in winters and pick flavor of the season kesar pista badam or the evergreen regular kulfi. End everything on a sweet note with Kulfi from Rd Sahu Matka Kulfi.

From Indian savoury snacks to western fast food, Vaishali has it all. As the street market of Vaishali is the biggest in city, we will be back with more on street food in Vaishali. Wait for our return.

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