A Window to an Artistic World through Arti’s Canvas!

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It is always very soothing to see a good painting. We visit exhibitions to promote art and try understanding the meaning behind the drawings. There are many times when a painting reveals emotions of the painter to a great extent. Similar emotions can be recognized in the paintings by Arti Vohra.

The color she uses reflects her outlook toward life. Each painting connects with at least one human emotion. She has created magic with her brush and revealed a part of her own self on the board. One needs no special eye to understand the sentiment as they are overflowing from the canvas.

A textile designer by qualification, Arti decided to paint scenes from everyday life instead of picking up great topics. The delightful paintings depict the softness and love dissolved in human life as well as Mother Nature. Her work is greatly inspired by the rich culture of Rajasthan. You can actually feel her love she must have experienced for nature while drawing in the expressionistic style of her beautiful art.

If you are an art lover looking for something to decorate your walls, please contact her and buy the beautiful work which is extremely pleasing to the senses. Many other masterpieces along with these paintings by Arti Vohra are available for sale at reasonable prices.

Paintings of Arti

Contact: 9950478376

Address: 1F 78 Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

Written By: Surbhi Bansal

Tags: A Window to an Artistic World through Arti’s Canvas!, Paintings of Arti

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