Add abstract art to liven up your personal space!

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White Noise brings bright hues to your surrounding with boundless modern and abstract art, the frequencies of patterns and the intensity of flaming colors resonates with the brand name, just like white noise these paintings have visual appeal that tranquilize the mind. So if you are looking to decorate your room with abstract art that keeps you intrigued then here is where you need to shop!

Unique rhythmic patterns and our undying love for colors is what makes the paintings by Rakhi soni & Suvarna Sonkia a bright and refreshing add ons to your home and office space. Jaipur is infused with stimulating art, and the very artistic background of the city inspired this artistic duo, who then brought to life the ingenious paintings that are solely available at White Noise.

These colorful pieces of art are a perfect formula to brighten up your dampen space, one could also bask in some energy and feel good vibes form the ever so alluring art. It’s inexpensive, it’s modish and it adds beauty to life, buy the creative pieces by White Noise imbued with modern life elements like vehicles illustrated in an eccentric art. In addition to this you will find the collection smothered with flora and fauna and even spiritual symbols like hamsa hand.

White Noise paintings are a solution to fix everything dull in life and get immediate dose of positivity . Struggling to keep the bright side alive? Let the magic of these contemporary paintings fill your life with colors. Stop and explore paintings by White Noise!

White Noise

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