An Unbelievably Delightful Match of Fruits and Ice-Cream!

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice-Cream!

If there’s one thing that makes us a little less lethargic in scorching summers, it’s the thought of a delicious, creamy scoop of ice-cream. And when this ice cream comes in our favorite fruit flavor, nothing can beat the pleasure. The amazing natural flavors of GoPure Ice-cream in C-scheme are totally a new stage of innovation. It’s even more natural than anything you can imagine.

Be it heartbreak or a bad day at work, there is nothing that ice-cream cannot solve. This ice-cream will not only uplift your mood but actually make you a fan of its taste in a single go. The outstanding combination of fruits & ice creams in their most natural form is fantastic especially with flavors like Jamun, Chickoo, Tender Coconut, Mango, Kiwi & others.

Our favorite, Jamun ice-cream is nothing less than a dream come true. This fruity delight will remind you of ideal summer days and is perfect to give the regular strawberry and chocolate a break. The sweetness is neither too much nor too less, which makes it taste heavenly and the masala on the top is an added bonus.

The balance of taste and burst of flavor in each spoon is as perfect as expected from a natural fruit ice cream. Put a spoonful in your mouth, and it’ll melt away. It’s like life, melting away leaving behind a sweet taste and beautiful memories.

If you are a fan of natural fruit ice cream and want to taste something new, then this is a great choice.

GoPure Natural IceCream

Sardar Patel Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur

Written By: Surbhi Bansal

Tags: An Unbelievably Delightful Match of Fruits and Ice-Cream!, GoPure Natural IceCream

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