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About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water and almost all of it consists of compelling and enchanting sea creatures and corals. These waters leave their mark of beauty in the form of small color-bursting packets on the sea-shores which are recognized by “seashells”. Some of us have even collected a distinctive shell, serving as a souvenir for an unforgettable beach trip. But how many of us have thought to make it our passion?

Six decades ago, Alice Rustomjee  got a small seashell as a birthday present from her father. She became even more possessive and protective of the gift when her father was singing the swan song. Little did she know then that one day collecting seashells would become a passion with her and she would open INDIA'S ONLY SEASHELL MUSEUM. She is still ardently attached to each piece of shell kept in her museum.

Alice Garg National Seashells Museum, only one of its kind in India, is the result of the hard work of Alice and her husband Krishna Garg, which not only aims to make the nature’s breath taking beauty visible to the open public whose eyes craves for the unique color patterns and peculiar shapes of these shells, but also to conserve our dear nature. Alice also believes that this museum will be one step forward towards the scientific study of biological diversity and evolution.

Entering the museum doesn’t differ much than diving inside the blue waters and gape at the matchless beauty of the shells, only in a surprising way. And you may not leave the museum without an inspiration to take away your own shell-craft which can be fulfilled by a variety of handcrafted shells, posters, books etc from the Museum shop.

You have to come more than once as you may not absorb all the pleasantness of the shells which are not unique to one but the seas all over the world: Australian/Zealandic, Caribbean, Californian, Peruvian, Mediterranean and much more. 'The Glory of India' from the rare variety and the 'The Great Indian Chank', are from amongst calcium-gems of the museum.  'The Australian Trumpet' from the Australian region and the 'The Giant Clam' from the Indian Ocean, which are the largest shells of their kind are the main attraction of the tourist who comes from all over the world to see these water beauties in a desert.

So head to ALICE GARG MUSEUM if you are longing for an out of the box museum in Jaipur and enjoy the story of each shell collected by her. 

Author and Picture Credit: Shruti Gupta

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