Biggest Treasure Trove of Archeology Discovered In Jaipur

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Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Gangwal Park Jaipur, is a large three storey building. This is the S.R.C.  Museum of Indology which houses a remarkable collection of antiquities and art treasures. Every nook and corner of the house have been taken up by the rare collection of a glorious heritage.

The museum has some unusual collection of old manuscripts, paintings, sculptures, Tantra art, textiles, coins, and stamps. It is enriched by its exceptional collection of Indian folk and tantric art, the largest in the country. The invaluable collection of manuscripts includes works from the Vedas, Puranas, Kamashastra date from the 12th to the 19th centuries AD.

Besides the manuscripts, another fascinating collection includes old newspaper. Among them is the first newspaper to be printed in Rajasthan, the ‘Rosatul Talim’, dating back to the time of Raja Ram Singh of Jaipur published in the year 1856.

The pride of the museum’s archives is the original Kaben-Nama of MirzaAbdullah, the son of the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar. The microscript calligraphy engraved on a grain of rice and a rabbit’s hair can fill the viewer with awe.

There is also a large collection of musical instruments, glass and potteries numismatics, architecture, different plans drawn by architects of fortresses, six thousand fragments of different textile patterns and techniques etc.

It has an architectural and visual appearance to whoever wished to visit. This enigmatic accumulation of objects is surely a venerable heaven for research scholars and writers.

Though this museum has completed three decades of its existence, it is still unknown to most citizens and attracts only a few visitors every day. The owner, Mr. Sharad Kant Sharma has ambitious plans for his museum and is trying his best to execute them. If you are planning to visit this extraordinary museum, a prior appointment with the owner is recommended for a better perspective.

S.R.C. Museum of Indology

Sharad Kant Sharma


‘Nilanmara’ 24 Gangwal Park, Prachya Vidya Path, Jaipur 302004

Contributed by: Surbhi Bansal

Tags: Biggest Treasure Trove of Archeology Discovered In Jaipur, S.R.C. Museum of Indology

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